PG&E – Safety Campaign

Safe, not scared. The goal with this PG&E safety campaign was to motivate safer behavior. Since safety messages have an inherently scary aspect, and fear makes people want to disengage, we went in the opposite direction and developed the Simple Safety Moment campaign. This homey approach is very non-threatening, and the focus is on ordinary families taking the right action at the right time.

Adopting the simplified world of 2D vector art for our visual storytelling enables us to bring a variety of scenarios to life in a friendly way. And using a real PG&E employee for the voiceover dovetails with PG&E’s current employee-focused brand campaign.

:15 TV – Gas Odor


:15 TV – Metallic Balloon Safety


:15 TV – Emergency Preparedness


OOH – Gas Odor

Gas OOH.png

OOH – Wires Down

Wires Car Chinese.jpg

OOH – 811 Dig

PG&E Safety-Spanish.jpg

Print Ad – Gas Odor

Gas Print.png

Social Media – 811 Dig

PGE_Facebook_4.8-1 copy.jpg



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