Google – AdSense Launch

HIGH-TECH, HIGH-TOUCH. When Google launched AdSense in 2005, they asked Publicis Dialog San Francisco to create the advertising. We designed an integrated campaign that would really bring the one-to-one aspects of AdSense to life.

The centerpiece of our campaign was an online video demo that incorporated the viewer’s own website. Early on, viewers were asked to input their site’s url, and while our video host introduced AdSense, we sent a bot to take a screen shot of their home page. A little later in the demo, the video host says, “Let’s bring up an image of your site and I’ll show you how easy it would be to incorporate Google AdSense.” Then, voila!,their site would appear behind him as he arranged potential ad units in the space on screen. You can see how this worked in the sample video below.

We included the graphical speech balloons as a fail-safe, in case of audio issues. The balloons also give it a friendly, almost cartoony feel.

This 2005 campaign set a new standard for technological sophistication in its time, while still maintaining Google’s unpretentious, just-regular-folks feel. Of course, it’s showing its age a bit now.  : )

My role: Associate Creative Director, Writer

Launch Banner & Interactive Video

This video clip shows how the AdSense launch interactive video worked. Viewers were cued to enter their own site’s urls, then the explanatory video began. Part way through, we brought up an image of their page behind the Google “spokes-engineer,” so he could show examples of how AdSense units might look on their page.

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