The Doctors Company – Long Form Writing

JUST KEEP TALKIN’. These two examples of long form writing are about as different as they could be, even though they’re for the same client. The Doctors Company is a medical malpractice insurance company that I did work for over a period of about seven years.

One of the PDFs below is a guide to social media written for the agents of the The Doctors Company. The goal was to help these busy small business people feel comfortable with the idea of using social media as a way to grow their businesses. The tone is friendly and somewhat casual.

The other PDF is the 2013 annual report for The Doctors Company. The tone is serious and designed to project the image of a very powerful and successful company.

Social Media Guide – Click to see complete PDF

TDC - Social Media Guide.jpg


2013 Annual Report – Click to see complete PDF

TDC Annual Report.jpg