Riverbed – Email

SPEAKIN’ THE TRUTH. It’s easy for B2B advertising, especially high-tech, to sink under the weight of infinite detail. Or to go off completely in the direction of borrowed interest. With these emails for Riverbed, a company that makes software products that help enterprise-level organizations understand and control their networks, I strove to stick close to the real experience of the target audience: IT decision makers.  The humor added to the entertainment value while also creating a sense of intimacy and giving it a “we really understand you” feel.

My role: Writer

Email – The Network Manager’s Guide to Total Network Visibility

Cascade email_ RB-1 copy.jpg

Email – How Application-Aware Networks Make The Impossible Possible

Cascade email_ RB-2 copy.jpg

Email – How To Proactively Manage Changing Network Performance Demands 

Cascade email_ RB-3 copy.jpg

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