HP – Direct Mail

YOU’RE SPECIAL. The HP Business Store is designed for companies that buy more than $50,000 per year in HP equipment and supplies. They wanted to thank their customers with some special discounts, but they wanted to ramp up the impact beyond just a fancy coupon mailing.
We created the “Special Deals for Special People” campaign, and went over the top with personalized schwag that declared the specialness of the recipients. These included a door hanger with the headline, “My specialness cannot be interrupted by your ordinariness,” a crown, and an official “special” badge.

The campaign’s knowing smirk took the schmaltz factor out and let people just enjoy a moment of good feeling with HP. One result: HP was deluged with requests for more schwag. They were happy.

My role: Writer.

Direct Mail – With Folding Paper Crown

hp_pref prog_crown.jpgDirect Mail – With Plastic Door Hangers

hp_pref prog_doorhanger copy.jpg

Direct Mail – With Convention-Type Personalized Plastic ID Badges 

hp_pref prog_badge.jpg






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