Stanford Medicine – TV & Radio

SCALPEL, FORCEPS, CLAMP, HUT!  Stanford Medicine is a world-class medical center with an awe-inspiring record of medical breakthroughs and leading-edge care. This reputation often makes Stanford Medicine seem unavailable to people who live in the area and have “ordinary” medical problems.

As part of an outreach program, Stanford Medicine became the official healthcare provider for the 49ers football team. They wanted to use their 49ers connection in their TV and radio advertising, so I wrote these spots for them, weaving in the 49ers and making Stanford Medicine feel as accessible as possible.  These executions span several years and different campaigns.

My role: Writer

:30 TV Spot – Stanford Medicine – Champions


:30 TV Spot – Stanford Medicine – Network


:30 TV Spot – Stanford Medicine – Women’s Cancer Clinic

:30 TV Spot – – Stanford Medicine – Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic


:30 Radio Spot – Organ Transplants

:30 Radio Spot – Stanford Heart Center

:30 Radio Spot – Neurology

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