Nuance – Patrick Stewart Video

TO BOLDLY GO. Nuance is the company that makes the voice-recognition technology that powers Siri on the iPhone. They are also pioneers in many other aspects of the human/machine interface. The leaders of this company have often looked to Star Trek for inspiration about the bright future they are striving for.

Nuance creates very high-end videos to play at annual gatherings. In the past, they have worked with Trekkie luminaries like Leonard Nimoy. Recently, they chose to feature Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his role as Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It  was awesome to have the chance to work on this, and it’s really quite wonderful to hear this great Shakespearian actor delivering lines that I helped craft.

The five screens that you will see are a representation of the way this video appeared in the auditorium. There were large 16×9 screens on each side, and three upright pillars in the center. The goal was to make it feel as though Sir Patrick was there addressing the audience, and I think this worked out very well.

My role: Writer

Video Representation


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